Monthly Archives: July 2013

I haven’t blogged for awhile because I don’t know how I can contribute. I am a little discouraged with my quilting because on the project I am working on, I can not even quilt on my machine and stay in the ditch. I want it to look nice so I am doing a decorative stitch on it and it is still crooked.


Letting Go


I know you feel your not ready for Miss Baby to grow up but as she grows up and matures, you do as well, and you are always ready to meet the next stage of their lives. And if you have more than one, somehow the good Lord gives us the knowledge and strength to raise them all and watch them go through their stages and eventually be able to let them grow and go and be the person they want to be. Thanks for sharing — her photos are very good and she is very beautiful! Love ya, Jo-Anne