Alberta, Canada

Bio: Retired Registered Nurse. Early Retirement - osteoarthritis in 2011. 8 grandsons & 5 granddaughters. Married to Craig since May 1976. Love scrapbooking, quilting and crocheting receiving blankets. Love gardening - flowers. 3 sons, 2 daughters. My quilting has become even more important to me as youngest daughter as also moved away now -- she was the last of my five children living in the same town. Her little boy was my pal and her second little boy was becoming the same kind of pal. Life is changing very quickly for me now. My husband has become more and more reserved even with me now. We spend hours without talking. And due to his health, we now sleep separately which has been horrible for me. Sixty-two years is young and I have to reach eighty years to reach the goal I have set for my self: to live longer than my grandpa and grandmas on both my Dad and Mom's side, and also to live longer than Dad and Mom. I love my quilting and depend on it more each day! My goal is to make all of my twelve grandchildren a quilt (six are finished and given); finish the quilts I have started --four in total; make one for each of my five children; and make one for each in-law children I have; and of course one for any new grandchildren I am blessed with in the coming years.

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