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“Never Be Alone”

"Gracie at Three Years"

"Gabby at Two Years"

Wendy Sheppard (from Ivory Press) told me I would never be alone, because I belong to a "quilting community".  You don't know how thrilled I was when I received a post from Mrs. Webmaster asking me "if I ever made doll quilts for my granddaughters"!  What a wonderful idea, and what a wonderful feeling it was to feel the support from someone I have never met.  I just felt a warm, fuzzy feeling when I read it. I felt a commonality between us because of our blogs.  I now see why my daughter and her good friends love their blogs.

You are so right Wendy!  I am so glad I found you on Annies website.  Your online class in machine quilting is the first one I have purchased (well my husband gave it to me for Christmas--at my suggestion, lol) and I am sure it won't be the last.

And thanks again Mrs. Webmaster for asking me that question again.  I won't have to worry about what I can get these two little granddaughters for Christmas now; and it will work into my budget beautifully.  Don't you agree my two little "Munchkins" will love a blanket for their dolly?


“Have Moved On”

After I realized, I could have all kinds of usernames, passwords, etc. associated with my email and groups I might join online, I would very often include identifying names or words relating to my nursing profession. 

When I was forced to retire due to my health in 2009 I was crushed.  As a toddler of three years old when I saw nurses with their caps and black stripe, I knew I wanted to be a registered nurse.  That picture drove me through eighteen years of education with setbacks; but I finally graduated from nursing in 1975.  I then worked 30+ years casually, part time, and fulltime never changing my career.

But now I find my self doing much the same with my quilting.  I am so grateful, I have found something that gives me as much satisfaction as my nursing did for so many years.  I have realized that the satisfaction has come from doing something for someone, else as is nursing.  I have loved making my quilts for my special grandchilldren.  So yes — “I Have Moved On”.

If I Can Quilt, You Can Quilt

Somehow I lost my first post, so I thought I would put together what I remember of the first post. I am a sixty-two year old grandmother and a retired registered nurse. I was forced into retirement due to osteoarthritis in my left knee. I had a knee replacement, but my pain was only worse, and very debilitating. So two years after the knee surgery it was determined I would not return to work of any kind.

I had always wanted to quilt but having four children under the age of five, I only managed to make each of my four babies a small baby quilt before they were born. They weren’t fantastic but my children loved them and still love them. I had crocheted around the edges of flannel receiving blankets but I could not see myself doing this the rest of my life. Now was the time for me to perfect the quilting which I loved, but had not the time to do while my children were young.

My good friend Patti helped me with the basics and then we took a couple of courses together. While doing the course, I started the second of my twelve grandchildren’s quilts. By the end of 2012, I had completed six of the twelve; and two more started.

I am now enrolled in two online classes of which I am enjoying very much. In one class, I am learning domestic machine quilting and in the other, I am doing a new pattern each month. Both classes have been very rewarding and have given me much satisfaction. I am now doing something that I love as much as I did my nursing. I felt that maybe I was too old to take on such a creative skill, but I have found my skills developing at a pace I am very happy with. So as I began, ‘if I can quilt, you can quilt.