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Do I Have a Way to Fight Missing My Children and Grandchildren?

In the last year I have seen my son get to know a beautiful little girl from the Philippines using “Skype”. Apparently, they have talked every evening since really getting to know each other. They even got engaged over this mode of communication. AND…In March of this year my son flew to the Philippines to marry her. For a few weeks he spent many hours with her, her family, and her extended family. On 01 April 2013 they were married. They have had a wonderful time. And if all goes well with Immigration, my son will bring his new bride Donna to live with him in Canada. Donna and I have also used “Skype” several times and I could feel her love through this wonderful way of communication. I can hardly wait to put my arms around her, tell her I love her, and welcome to our family and to Canada.

Staying close to your family through”Skype” can open many facets of communication for both senders and receivers. Reading the post about ‘story time’ gave me an idea. This idea was inspired by “Papa, Read Me a Story”

I am away from all of my grandchildren now and I miss them greatly. What a wonderful way to keep in touch with them. “Skype” has opened our world to those we love. Reading is so important, but I believe there are other wonderful things we can share with our grandchildren and those we love so much. I think of quilting — you can even pass on the love of quilting by showing them the quilt blocks you are making for them. Perhaps soon, they would want to come and see Grandma to learn how to quilt. The idea of using “Skype” has opened up some more ideas for me. The children and grandchildren can see how I am spending my time. And I know it would help me to fight loneliness — a battle this Grandma fights everyday.