New Grandmas, New Quilters

 I just turned 62 — I have five grown children, and the last will be leaving our home town later this month. I have twelve grandchildren — all smart and progressing nicely. The oldest and the two youngest will leave also with their mother. I am happy for them, but sad for me. But already, my four year old grandson will have the opportunity to take French Immersion when he goes to kindergarten in the fall — an opportunity he could not receive in our small town. And I believe the opportunity that will keep me from being sad, is that I have a goal to make quilts for each of my grandchildren (six quilts which are already done). And then I will proceed with one for each of my children and their spouses. And finish three I have started for my guests rooms and my living room. If there are any grandmas out there that have never quilted, but would like to, do it — it is very rewarding. 



I think quilting has been a great blessing to me this past year.  Our money was short, so I made table toppers from fat quarters I already had here.  So I gave a gift I could give with my own hands.  I hope they loved them as much as I loved making them.

Now I have found my last daughter is moving away from our small Alberta, Canada town.  I am very happy for her and her children, but I cried what felt for hours last evening.  I was so glad my friend was here.

But I know my quilting will keep me too busy, to cry anymore. And thank goodness the NHL and their bosses are coming back to work.  I have a TV room in my quilting room and will be able to keep an eye on the games while I sew my quilts.  Merry Christmas to all have a wonderful new year.  

Christmas 2012

Nativity scene at Sacred Heart Catholic Church...
Nativity scene at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, in the historic Barelas neighborhood, Albuquerque, NM, Jan 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well Christmas is almost here.  Our funds have been tight this year.  So thinking about this, I knew I had some fat quarter kits.  I decided to make a table topper for each of the ladies in my family. I have five out of eight completed with three that need quilting and binding.  I am sure I can have the other three done in the next  four days.  I have had two of my little grandsons the last few days — David(4 years old) and Zachary (18 months old) so I got behind, especially today. But what a joy to have them with me!

Because of my  arthritic knees, I shouldn’t sit for several hours at a time; and because I need to clean my house as well, today I will quilt for a couple of hours and then clean for an hour or so.  I will have to make a list so that I get the most important things done in my house.  It won’t be all done, but the important things will be done.  It is just after midnight here in Alberta, Canada and I am trying to decide if I should go to bed or quilt a little longer.

Wendy Sheppard has become one of my favourite people.  And I can hardly wait to start my machine quilting course with her after Christmas.  My husband paid for my online course with her (for my Christmas present) and it looks very exciting.  Merry Christmas to all. ( I saw a Christmas card today and I liked the verse — this isn’t the exact quote, but this is what I felt the meaning was:  May the happiness you receive at Christmas time carry you into the new year).  And this is what I wish for Wendy and all my new friends in quilting.

If I Can Quilt, You Can Quilt

Somehow I lost my first post, so I thought I would put together what I remember of the first post. I am a sixty-two year old grandmother and a retired registered nurse. I was forced into retirement due to osteoarthritis in my left knee. I had a knee replacement, but my pain was only worse, and very debilitating. So two years after the knee surgery it was determined I would not return to work of any kind.

I had always wanted to quilt but having four children under the age of five, I only managed to make each of my four babies a small baby quilt before they were born. They weren’t fantastic but my children loved them and still love them. I had crocheted around the edges of flannel receiving blankets but I could not see myself doing this the rest of my life. Now was the time for me to perfect the quilting which I loved, but had not the time to do while my children were young.

My good friend Patti helped me with the basics and then we took a couple of courses together. While doing the course, I started the second of my twelve grandchildren’s quilts. By the end of 2012, I had completed six of the twelve; and two more started.

I am now enrolled in two online classes of which I am enjoying very much. In one class, I am learning domestic machine quilting and in the other, I am doing a new pattern each month. Both classes have been very rewarding and have given me much satisfaction. I am now doing something that I love as much as I did my nursing. I felt that maybe I was too old to take on such a creative skill, but I have found my skills developing at a pace I am very happy with. So as I began, ‘if I can quilt, you can quilt.