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“Never Be Alone”

"Gracie at Three Years"

"Gabby at Two Years"

Wendy Sheppard (from Ivory Press) told me I would never be alone, because I belong to a "quilting community".  You don't know how thrilled I was when I received a post from Mrs. Webmaster asking me "if I ever made doll quilts for my granddaughters"!  What a wonderful idea, and what a wonderful feeling it was to feel the support from someone I have never met.  I just felt a warm, fuzzy feeling when I read it. I felt a commonality between us because of our blogs.  I now see why my daughter and her good friends love their blogs.

You are so right Wendy!  I am so glad I found you on Annies website.  Your online class in machine quilting is the first one I have purchased (well my husband gave it to me for Christmas--at my suggestion, lol) and I am sure it won't be the last.

And thanks again Mrs. Webmaster for asking me that question again.  I won't have to worry about what I can get these two little granddaughters for Christmas now; and it will work into my budget beautifully.  Don't you agree my two little "Munchkins" will love a blanket for their dolly?


Changes for My Wedding Reception – Why?

I am stepping out of my mould — love the contemporary look Wendy Sheppard designed for a quilt.  And since I became a Creative Memories consultant almost 13 years ago, I have grown to love the fall colours, and would have even had fall colours for my wedding reception — but that was 37 years ago in May and my colour preferences have changed since then. I just want to thank Wendy for the free download.   

Christmas 2012

Nativity scene at Sacred Heart Catholic Church...
Nativity scene at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, in the historic Barelas neighborhood, Albuquerque, NM, Jan 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well Christmas is almost here.  Our funds have been tight this year.  So thinking about this, I knew I had some fat quarter kits.  I decided to make a table topper for each of the ladies in my family. I have five out of eight completed with three that need quilting and binding.  I am sure I can have the other three done in the next  four days.  I have had two of my little grandsons the last few days — David(4 years old) and Zachary (18 months old) so I got behind, especially today. But what a joy to have them with me!

Because of my  arthritic knees, I shouldn’t sit for several hours at a time; and because I need to clean my house as well, today I will quilt for a couple of hours and then clean for an hour or so.  I will have to make a list so that I get the most important things done in my house.  It won’t be all done, but the important things will be done.  It is just after midnight here in Alberta, Canada and I am trying to decide if I should go to bed or quilt a little longer.

Wendy Sheppard has become one of my favourite people.  And I can hardly wait to start my machine quilting course with her after Christmas.  My husband paid for my online course with her (for my Christmas present) and it looks very exciting.  Merry Christmas to all. ( I saw a Christmas card today and I liked the verse — this isn’t the exact quote, but this is what I felt the meaning was:  May the happiness you receive at Christmas time carry you into the new year).  And this is what I wish for Wendy and all my new friends in quilting.