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“Have Moved On”

After I realized, I could have all kinds of usernames, passwords, etc. associated with my email and groups I might join online, I would very often include identifying names or words relating to my nursing profession. 

When I was forced to retire due to my health in 2009 I was crushed.  As a toddler of three years old when I saw nurses with their caps and black stripe, I knew I wanted to be a registered nurse.  That picture drove me through eighteen years of education with setbacks; but I finally graduated from nursing in 1975.  I then worked 30+ years casually, part time, and fulltime never changing my career.

But now I find my self doing much the same with my quilting.  I am so grateful, I have found something that gives me as much satisfaction as my nursing did for so many years.  I have realized that the satisfaction has come from doing something for someone, else as is nursing.  I have loved making my quilts for my special grandchilldren.  So yes — “I Have Moved On”.


Quilting Saves!

 I am going to take off time from my grandchildren’s quilts to work on my machine quilting class by Wendy Sheppard starting in about the middle of February. I am very, very excited to really work on this class.  Quilting has been a life-saver for me, in these, my forced retirement years.  It has gotten me through some times where depression could have really set in; and has saved me from terrible loneliness.

In the months to come, I am sure quilting will save me from these two demons of depression and loneliness even more, as my daughter with her family will be moving away in the next few weeks.